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  • 9.99 maintenance fee per month
  • Complementary services for your computer and peripheral devices

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No Contract, No bond...Just call our helpline number or email us to cancel your services anytime without any obligation or any cancelation fee…


For the first time in the history of computer applications, our team of highly qualified developers have created this breakthrough product which provides a permanent solution to scams arising out of remote access.

Let us understand how vulnerable people fall victim to remote access.

A person claiming to be a technician or from Microsoft or Apple calls you and scares you that your system is generating warnings and errors and they offer to fix your computer. For this, they need access of your computer. Being scared and hoping to get your problem fixed, you allow them to remotely access your computer. Once inside your computer, they can access and see all the files, browsing history, user name and passwords, emails and pretty much everything that you have stored in your computer.

Intex Support simply blocks almost anything or anyone trying to connect to your computer. However, your use of the system remains unaltered. The software does not save or store data. It does not access your browser. Neither does it look into your files. In fact it does not even connect to internet. It is like a software which is targeted only at remote access. Any unauthorised entity will not be able to access the computer by blocking the access attempt right at the time of initiation. For you to understand how it works we will let you use it for free for 2 weeks and you may try accessing your computer from different sources. This is an obligation free period and only if you are satisfied with its performance that you pay for the setup fee. To ensure that the protection continues you need to pay just 9.99 a month without a contract and when you feel that you do not required this shield you can simply call us and we will show you how to uninstall it.

And this is not all. The software license can be used only once on 1 computer.


For more help call our helpline no - 02035986233 or
send an email to - support@optontelecom.co.uk


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  • That’s right

    That’s right, after you have made that important decision to put your trust in us and switch your telecommunications to us, we ensure that you always have someone to speak with.
  • 24x7 technical support

    We provide you 24x7 technical support from our teams in the UK with no more long waiting times and no teams based overseas. It is just a good old fashioned way of answering your call when you need us to.
  • Why is this?

    Everyone knows that the ‘big guys’ often can’t provide the level of support that millions of SME’s in the market require. If you are not spending tens of thousands of pounds a month, the big carriers simply cannot afford to spend their time with you.
  • Treasure your business

    We, on the other hand treasure your business. We are small enough to care about your business, yet big enough to deliver a reliable service at an exceptional value-for-money price.
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